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Jul 3, 2010 5:30am EDT
along the gulf coast, leaders here in maryland say they're preparing for the possibility of the oil reaching beaches in our area. news 4's chris gordon has more on the steps they're taking to keep local waters clean and the seafood safe. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley lowered the boom. on board a boat operated by the maryland department of environment emergency response team, the governor got firsthand experience handling some of the 2 miles of boom that the state could use if oil or tar balls were to make it from the spill in the gulf to the bay or the beaches here. but the chances of that are slim. >> the likelihood of the oil from the gulf impacting the beaches of maryland is extremely remote. having said that, there is the potential for this to disrupt ecosystems, the white marlin and also birds that actually go and winter in that area and come back up here for the summer. >> reporter: the governor led his roundtable discussion in ocean city with local business owners, representatives of the u.s. coast guard, and maryland environmental experts. >> it's very unlik
Jul 11, 2010 12:00pm EDT
in silver spring, maryland, a fan long before he had enough money to pay for a ticket to see a fight. >> i wanted to become muhammad ali. you know, fourth grade. >> reporter: the oldest of five children, joe was always a scrapper. >> my first fight, god, i was probably four, five years old. >> reporter: from an early age he fell he had to defends himself and his mother against an abusive father. >> i was afraid of him. >> reporter: a trashed box of kid-sized boxing gloves led to a new venture. >> i got the whole neighborhood, put them in my backyard. i thought that by virtue of the fact i owned the gloves, i would be the best guy out there. and this kid whipped up on me like there was no tomorrow. >> reporter: by then joe's father was gone most of the time. >> my father left home when -- were in seventh grade. >> reporter: make nothingly payments to keep her kids in catholic school, joe's mother was proud when show graduated from st. john's military academy. and went on to mt. st. mary's college in maryland. but he was kicked out of college for fighting freshman year. so he decided then to
Jul 24, 2010 5:30am EDT
, definitely. >> we moved up here from pg county. suitland, maryland. columbia is pretty nice. it is quiet. yeah. best food in maryland. >> reporter: columbia with the modern conveniences is only half the attraction. ellicott city steeped in civil war history is the other part. making it not only a great place to live but a destination to visit. ellicott city is loaded with shops and antique stores and restaurants. plenty of restaurants. and there's a lot here to do if you are a child, if you are an adult, or if you are an adult with kids. >> look around you. it is beautiful here. you have so much history. and people are super warm and friendly. for someone like me who has children, it is a great place to raise your kids. >> reporter: the area has a low unemployment rate. a diverse population and residents who clearly like where they live. in columbia, ellicott city, chris gordon, news4. >> now howard county executive ken says he e-mailed the mayor of eden prairie, minnesota to congratulate him on coming in number one. he says he's never heard of eden prairie but he may plan to visit to se
Jul 17, 2010 5:30am EDT
. this is the chop tank oyster company located in cambridge, maryland on the eastern shore. >> we have four acres p right now containing in the four acres the oysters between the ages of 1 year to 4 years old. >> reporter: kevin mcclaren's oysters are fat and happy. life on the surface helps. the algae is plentiful and so is the oxygen. that means a better oyster for your plate. >> it is a clear oyster and more consistent oyster. we don't harvest oysters of a lot of different sizes. get a box of it. what you get is all your oysters will be, you know, roughly five inches. >> reporter: this aqua culture, as it is called, could be the solution to saving the chesapeake bay oyster. pollution, overharvesting, disease, all seriously depleted the bed and left the watermen that spent generations on the bay wondering if they have a future. this could be it. mcclaren refers to his oysters as his animals and like a racehorse, he breeds them from healthy stock. >> there is about 300 million oysters in the tank behind me. >> reporter: this is his hatchery and the pick of the litter. used for breeding. >> when an
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)